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Massage during your Pregnancy

Massage during your pregnancy is a safe and effective way of treating the body’s soft tissues and helping to combat aches and pains bought on during this time of change. Pregnancy can bring about new aches and pains or exacerbate new ones whilst your body adapts to accommodate the changes that pregnancy brings about. Your therapist will aim to treat the whole body and will adapt your treatment to your individual needs. Your session is entirely adapted to you on the day. You might have a specific problem that needs some work or maybe you just want a general relaxing massage. Whatever your requirement your therapist will be able to assess and treat you.

What happens during my session?

Your therapist will go through some general information before teratment begins and ask some questions about your medical history and about the pregnancy, your therapist will then discuss your needs for the treatment and explain how it will work. During your session you will be lying mostly in a sidelying position with cushions and bolsters provided to support you and your bump. Towels and blankets are provided to keep you comfortable and covered as your therapist works on each area at a time.